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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
Why do you say that?
Originally Posted by DoomRavager View Post
Maybe it's the fact that the only actor listed is Aya Hirano... or maybe something else entirely I'm missing as well.
My statement served two purposes: 1. It references a commonly said line in the episodes (and wordplay is a pleasure to perform) and 2. A realization that this release date would give Bandai just over two months from the end of dubbing to get the discs physically made in addition to shipping to distributors and from distributors to their stores (both online and offline). With their past history of delays and the necessity of this series to sell well, the odds are against them.

Granted, they could have delayed work on other releases to quicken the process of this release to get it out while people still have news about the movie fresh in their memory. I would appreciate the release on that date, but until August 17th comes and the set is in someone's hands, there will be doubt of release on this date.

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I'm still skeptical about Vee voicing Haruhi until I hear it but I wonder more about Nagato.
The English voice of Haruhi will still be Wendee Lee. Cristina Vee is serving in the same role that Patricia Lee served in 2007: Haruhi in the ASOS Brigade shorts.

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