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The ASOS Brigade posted some of the details about the Season 2 set on their Facebook page.

It is $64.98 retail price and will contain 4 DVDs and 1 CD. Release date is still 08/17/10. The DVDs will be both subbed and dubbed with the usual interactive menus. They have included:
CMs (You'll really enjoying watching these )
Location Scouting videos (which are really nice to see how accurate Kyoto Animation was)
Behind the Scenes of Aya Hirano's Music Video (for Super Driver. Side note: the music video footage stops after the fourth segment)
The Endless Eight Prologue (which was on the 5.285714 limited edition disc and is three still images with Kyon narrating the prologue from novel 5)
Special Event video (not 100% sure on this)
and the Adventures of the ASOS Brigade episodes on the DVDs.

On the CD will be Super Driver and Tomare! No details on whether the non-vocal tracks will be included.

The bonus features are really nice to get a good view of Nishinomiya (the city where Tanigawa-sensei is from and the basis for the animation) and to see the progression of Hirano's song from the PV to the release day. I've already pre-ordered my copy (regardless of the fact that I have the R2s) and I'd say it's still worth it. will guarantee that the set will get to you on release day (if you live in the continental United States) for $50.

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