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Animation Quality: 10

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for Kyoto Animation. Everything looks so crisp and well-drawn to me and the deepness of the characters' eyes always astounds me.

Voice Actors: Japanese: 10 English: 8

The English VA for the protagonist doesn't quite come across with the same sarcastic power as his Japanese counterpart.

Story: 9

Story is alright, though it drags in a few places:

The only real problems is the ones generated from the fact its from an H-game in that he solves each girl's arc and then happily moves onto the next while the previous girl slips into the abyss. Best arc in my opinion was the Mai arc.

Adaption from Game: Not sure. Never played it, but from the descriptions on wiki, it sounds like the story is near the same, just with the adult scenes cut out.

Editing: 8
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