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Originally Posted by MercFH View Post
Taking off her panties.......i dont remember that in the manga? oh.....or were you talking about the anime?

and I was just trying to say.....the manga despite being ecchi.....doesn't really even have that much pantsu or groping......
i mean least I dont remember much (a few pantsu shots here and there) but they weren't FOCUSED upon.

btw.......Chapter 6.....def. saw a big shot of Kurumu's boobs.......full view.
which was a lil surprising ....I dont think they've ever showed full bewbage in any of the manga have they? .....or at least from what I remember
They do show in season 2 (Kurumu) aaaand
Spoiler for upcoming chapters:

I agree with you that the ecchi level is moderate, which is fine cause there are series where there are pantsu shots every page which can get veeeery boring. I wouldn't even mind if there wasn't any ecchi in R+V since the girls faces are so beautifully drawn.
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