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Originally Posted by Levy View Post
OMG Loli the wall text!! weren't you supposed to study?? =P

see, the marvels of various readings? I used to think the same, and this 'no' makes me... I admit it, a bit less sympathetic toward her.
That Zero gave her confidence and the faith in her capabilities, that's for granted, but I used to think that part of this was of Karen for herself. She kinda disagrees: first, that something she was fighting for was 'of Naoto', then it was 'of Zero', and it evolved in being 'of Lelouch'. SonOfHeaven is probably right, this goes with her being very generous at heart. She simply turned out to be 95% passion and 5% idealism, while I've always thought it was more 70% -30%. ^^;

Anyway, I see your POV, and I think that the ending, although bittersweet, give us a picture of her that is not of despair. So let's go on with this...

About Zero Requiem, coming at this point, this is a question I'd like to have a direct answer from the staff, because everything points toward 'no' but the poems point toward 'yes', so, it would be interesting to know from them.
I'm still of the opinion that she would not have allowed Lelouch to die that way.
Tomorrow. Let me enjoy a day off <_<

Well for mle it's quite the contrary. I don't see her lack of faith in the success of her fight as something bad, it's even more impressive to me to see her ready to fight with everything when she thinks, deep inside, that she'll end up by dying, because she hasn't been able to make things change until then.

Had she gave up since the start, it would have been a shame, but she didn't. She continued to fight despites this, she isn't an idealistic and is able to understand the truth of the world, thus a simple group of terrorist isn't really likely to change this truth.

She fought for her brother memories and because she had to. It's even more admirable to do so. I guess they should have gave us more insight about this in the serie though, cause she seemed more faithful in her cause than that. But maybe because since the start of the serie, she met Zero; She is there talking about previous feelings. Everything changed because of Lelouch.

I'm not talking about the ending, but aboyt her chara at the start. I guess a BG turn for Naoto/Kallen would have make those things from the poem crystal clear but since they didn't bother giving us her BG...:/
Thus her chara at ths start is angsty inside. Now her ending is better sure. Even though she is bitter about Lelouch's choice, she is going to live, and that's already a big step for her.

I don't think the poem point toward a Yes. Kallen said she was ready to follow him through hell. She didn't talk about ZR there, just about her wish to stay with him. Like I said earlier, the fact she wants to follow him until hell doesn't contradict her disapproving ZR.

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