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Originally Posted by incorrupts View Post
I do not think that Kallen intended to die, she just thought it was safe to assume this {and it was, she even said that to Lelouch in #22 Turn} because being a terrorist with not a clear plan or total back-up, will lead to this result.
What i get from the poem, is that she was gonna be ok, when that day comes, she had compromised with the idea of death,

Now, her "plans" changed somewhere along the way.
But i do not think faith has nothing to do with the fact, whether you are ready to die or not. It was just her resolve.
I'm talking about her first line; She said she made her move but didn't believe anything would come out of this. Thus I think it's safe to assume she wasn't a blind idealistic; She knew they had little if not zero chance to succeed.

Until Lelouch's appearance at least.

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