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Originally Posted by yvj View Post
Spoiler for My thoughts on the subject:
Good analysis, as expected of you. {and i mean it, honest |D}

Though, frankly, i am 50/50 if Kallen would go through with Zero Requiem. I mean, i guess, eventually she would accept it and probably would help him, but, i believe she would not agree at all in the beginning. Oh well, we'll never know how she would react for sure, so let's leave it like this.

And btw, since the kiss-scene was mentioned, i tend to see that a few people still use the "cold-kiss-scene, it meant nothing" card. And i honestly fail to see this, in terms that it was completely the opposite. Even before the NT booklet or anything.
I mean, everything seems cold and distant, and yet when she reaches for him and pulls him close, he canít help but close his eyes and relish in her touch/kiss. {i always have to add a romantic touch when it comes to this couple even when i am trying not to, beats me why. |D;;}

Overall, romance or not {as leaving that one aside}, Kallen shares a very deep bond with Lelouch, from the start of S1. He was like her Pygmalion, from the moment he appeared in her life, he gave her hope, dreams and all these things she mentions in her poem.
So, it would actually be out of character if she had not insisted on following him more than one time.
Rationality + feelings for her are in sync, till episode 22.
After the confrontation with Lelouch and the "goodbye", it is her rationality {aka ideals+beliefs} that keeps her going, she tosses her emotions aside because she has to. <--in reference to Levy's post about the month-skip.
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