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i have two new weapon concepts

1)MSV shielding based close range weapons
it basiclly takes the elements that were found in the lancelot's leg shields and the percival's energy drill and takes them to a more basic level

for example, a KMF that has arm mounted MSV shielding like the lancelot, but the shields can also form into a different shape
one that looks like a blaze lumius spike
which allows a KMF to litteraly use its punches as weapons and give them luminus gloves (stronger penetraion, without risk of damage to limb)

or a hand held shield like the percival's only instead of a rocket launcher, it has a blaze luminus generator that forms a spike around the shield (turning it into a shield AND a lance at the same time

2)gefun emitter
a farther development of the gefun disturber, it basiclly mounts onto the back of a KMF in the same way that the gefun net does
only instead of little missiles, it simply starts emitting the EMP directly from the KMF itself to about 300 meter radius around it
it makes the machine and anything in the 300 meter radius around it invisible to radar or any other form of electronic detection
but because the machine iteslf is emitting this pulse, it also suffers from its effect, reducing the preformence of the KMF considerably when the emitter is turned on
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