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Originally Posted by faiz blaster View Post
Finally, ALL of them? That's hard to buy. Maybe if you have everything from Akatsuki and on, but there is no way that the original Guren and Gekka are anything beyond 7th Generation (actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they turned out to be one of the few successes of the 6th Generation).
The technology that defines the Seventh Generation of Knightmare Frames is the practical application of Sixth Generation KMF technology: MVS tech, MSV tech, and the application of Sakuradite through the entire frame of the Knightmare.

What defines the Eighth Generation of Knightmare Frames, however, is the application of improved Float Systems, the ones that don't drain absurd amounts of energy when they're used. All of the KoR KMFs are Eighth Gen, and the Shinkirou, Guren Kakyoshiki, Akatsuki series, and Gareth are also likely Eighth Generation KMFs.

The Ninth Generation, as we know, is the Lancelot Albion and Guren SEITEN, which use the Energy Wings.
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