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Kashimashi is pretty refreshing so far... Most 'male suddenly becomes female' fictional scenarios that I've come across have involved the stereotypical 'masculine' male, and the comedy is about him trying awkwardly to adjust.

Hazumu has actually become more comfortable with himself...his eyes are no longer hidden behind unruly hair, he looks happier. It's some of the people close to him who are having the toughest time. A little bit of realism in a mostly unrealistic show...often, when transgendered/transsexual people take physical and/or social steps to change, they are becoming happier and more comfortable with themselves over this issue that they've faced for a big portion of their lives. Their loved ones, on the other hand, are struck with a ball out of left field that they never saw coming. Of course, this ball was much more sudden and massive and spaceship-shaped.

Tomari and her struggle and reactions are the best part of the show & manga for me. And the tomboyish cuteness doesn't hurt either.
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