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Yu gi oh always has romance.

The complicated triangle between Yami, Kaiba, and Yugi. The love hate relationship between Yusei and Jack. The spiritual encounter between Yuma and Astral. The fantasy between Yuya and other 3 dimensions of himself. And here, we have the devoted love from Playmaker to Revolver. It's only a matter of time before winning Revolver over
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To all old and new Sheryl fans:
I am a Ranka fan and I have significant experience in defending various "crimes" committed by Ranka, from her evil plan to terminate human races, to feeding inapporiate food to unknown lifeforms. If you think you find "new" charges aginst Ranka and you are interested, or you care to see how a particular Ranka fan would respond, please feel free to check my previous comment. There is a good chance that I have answered a similiar issue. And of course, my viewpoints do not necessarily represent other perspectivs from numerous Ranka fans in this planet
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