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just looking for opinions, i figured this was the most appropriate thread, if not a mod can tell me where it should go. I thought the scene in ep 7 was really cute so i made an avatar of it. my first one was a bit dull so i went back and redid it sharpened up and brighter.. there are 2 lvls i wound up with and i cant decide which is better. The first is sharp X1 the second is sharp X2.. i think X2 pops a bit more but i think it shows some artifacts and makes the lines around her eyes a bit exaggerated. Its kinda hard to tell for me though because my eyes are kinda screwed up from a drug i was on for a long time, so wondering what you guys think, which looks better, is X2 to enhanced?


or sharpX2?

for now i think i'll just use X1

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