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And Britannia isn't as bad with the craphole ghettos they make no effort to maintain? The only difference between China and Britannia is that Britannia doesn't acknowledge the numbers as real people, while China does and just doesn't feed them.
The Chinese government compared their people to ants in S2. The thing is they treated EVERYONE as shit, whereas Britannia at least gave Britannians privileges...Anyways, how can Britannia maintain the ghetto when it's full of terrorists? In S2 after the place is cleared they begin to rebuild some of them, at least Shinjuku.

Pure exaggeration. It strong-armed them into backing of military by having a stranglehold on sakuradite and a standing army that could have resisted any conventional invasion. Knightmares simply tipped the balance.
This is wrong, Knightmares only made the battle a pushover,it was over in weeks as opposed to the months it would've taken to take over Japan without Knightmares.
I cannot give you back your homes, or restore your dead to life, but perhaps I can give you justice, in the name of our King. ~ Ned Stark
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