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Japan didn't have an iron-fisted ruler, just a prime minister who people followed.
He also liked to wear military uniforms, hang out with his aristocratic and military supporters, and come up with hair brained schemes to get out of the political hole he dug himself into. Just because he was a Prime Minister doesn't mean the government was actually very democratic, Hitler was an elected chancellor after all and according to some sources Prince Schniezel also held the position of Britannia's PM/Chancellor.

Sure it was. You become an Honorary Britannian, you still get treated like shit but at least you get a nice place to live for the trouble. Becoming full Britannian citizens isn't possible for Numbers.
However in becoming an Honorary Britannian you technically cease to be a Number, legally that is, which is where I assume that it would probably open doors such as the children of Honorary Britannians becoming Britannians because it's a matter of cultural assimilation.

When I talk about Roman citizenship in comparison I'm reading here:

I don't know how accurate it really is.

It was mafia hangout, but Britannian agents were sitting in the middle of the damn thing and didn't give a shit, so it still counts.
And this somehow makes them worse than the NSA/CIA?

The Romans gave full citizenship rights and for the most part Romans are not really that concerned about maintaining their "purity" as a race or group as the Britannians seem to be.
If Britannians were really concerned about racial "purity" Villeta Nu wouldn't have held a noble title, Suzaku Kururgi wouldn't have been promoted into the Emperor's personal unit of agents, and Rakshata wouldn't have been gone to the Imperial Academy/University/whatever. Moreover if that were the case I doubt literal Non-honorary Britannian Numbers would be wandering all over the damn settlement with nary a glance from anyone.

Did any Britannian so much as bat an eyebrow at the thought of razing Shinjuku Ghetto or slaughtering the people in the SAZ?
I doubt any more than anyone in the real world. When presented with such a situation the response for most is likely to be to fight (In the case of soldiers) or flee (In the case of civilians) then ask questions later, and they aren't going to fight their buddies. I'm sure there's some psychological experiment about this somewhere. Shinjuku was thoroughly covered up, Saitama was a legitimate police action, and any thoughts about SAZ were probably killed and buried under the rubble of a collapsed settlement before they could be heard.

Even someone in charge would have to go through an absolute mess of red tape, and Lelouch had to pretty much overthrow the entire government just to consolidate his power and open the door for Nunnally. There's the potential to do good, but it's a long way off.
"Red Tape" is only a concern when you aren't in a dictatorship, then you can just drag the offending adhesive out back and give it the "Stalin special".

The Chinese Federation might not take it as well. It also depends on their standing military and ability to resist. Obviously they couldn't starve the country out, or just didn't try. Instead they got Knightmares and invaded.
As I recall, the Invasion [and subsequent annexation of] Japan was on the tail end of the Second Pacific War which was basically a World War between all the major factions and Japan ergo, they were already not being taken very well by the Chinese.

Oh yeah, what about NAC? What were they spending all their loads of money on?

Of course I think we're all mostly just debating our assumptions on how things might be as very few of them were ever stated anywhere like the citizenship thing but are probably a fairly logical conclusion depending on your view of things.

as much as i like this discussion and wish to see it continue
i have to point out that there is pretty much no mention at all of lelouch in it
and hence this may not be the right thread for it
Of course, but I don't like untimely killed discussions either.
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