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Originally Posted by Stiletto View Post
More like Emperor Disaster waiting to happen.

Game over man, game over. Shti is going to the hit the fan so hard so fast GHQ won't know what happened. And Shu will be positively thrilled about it.

It was a long list of deaths that broke him. Hare's is just the msot formidable, and it was exactly because he was too kind she died. It's his fatal flaw. I also think Inori whole rape thing was over done in a way, but it did show how much she knew Shu. When she made eye contact she definitely knew he was jsut a tad broke.

I also haven't seen such a curbstomp battle since episode 1 and 2. Good God, that was epic but oh shit this is going to end well.

And way to go Souta. even if that was unintentional, you just did the exact opposite of what you wanted to do. Have fun putting up with The King. No Karma Houdini'ing now, okay~? ♥

8/10. Now excuse me as I find a wall to punch.
Agree with what you said and with the Inori part the most,that really show us how much she know him. I really think that Inori will be the only one always with him/like him(even if the other will hate him) and his last chain at a more human self. Wich mean if inori die ...well I think I don't have to said this.
And one more thing...I told you guys that Shu and Mana where/are the same (more or less) .Say Hi to Shu(Mana mode)
Spoiler for Shu:
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