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Originally Posted by Angelmonster View Post
This is the basics of ruler ship tbh. The only monarch the people loved and wasn't a tyrant back was Queen Elizabeth.

Great episode IMHO. when people you love die you aren't only sad but a part of you dies with them. I hope they don't make Shu out to be evil, I hope next week he kicks major butt left and right for once.
Well obviously since their entire right to rule hinged on the divine right of Kings, which basically hinged on principle God made me King so all you guys should just suck it.

Which ironically fits extremely well with Shu. He's actually probably more of a "King" than Lelouch was who was more a revolutionist than a King. Shu was born with an ability to unlock and use abilities of others that they themselves can't unlock. Meaning their abilities are all essentially his, why? Because he was born lucky like all born King's are.

Originally Posted by Setsuryuu View Post

I don't think he'll be like that for long. After all Hare wanted him to be a kind king and that was like, her "dying wish". The show won't allow it to be throw away like that. If all predictability continues it will be something along these lines: he'll probably derange, be evil for a bit, go "what have I done" and finally concludes his development by trying to atone and turning into an ideal kind king but that works. Helped by Inori of course.

...Or not! lol Who knows, it might surprise me a bit for once. I would apreciate. xP

And yeah, Guilty Crown title is finally getting some sort of sense. Even though the whole "king" stuff so far is pretty metaphorical. XD
Well obviously that's what's going to happen but I don't see the ideal development happening until the very close to the end.
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