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I remember when people disapproved of her for manipulating Houtarou's feelings in the previous arc. What she did never really bothered me that much. Honestly, it seemed like a repeat of what Houtarou did to the smoker to get him to bring out the Hyouka anthologies.
GMT's point is certainly true, but as one of those who strongly disapprove what Irisu did, I would say that's not all there is to it. Irisu lied. Not only to Houtarou, but also her friends, classmates, and even her senior. Houtarou didn't. Unless you count his "We need to go to the library." And unlike Irisu's, Houtarou's "I feel bad for what I did" is, to me, genuine. He also said that to the person himself, not to a third one. IMO, manipulating and blackmailing by themselves are "not wrong, but not to be praised." The difference between the two cases here is how they does it. Houtarou's blackmailing is not to be praised, but Irisu's lying has to be criticized.
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