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Originally Posted by tonyorobsky View Post
The MC is an asshole that make some efforts to help people without asking much in exchange, just a bit of manpower to make a better place for several people, which is a good deal especially since he isn't the kind to betray without a good reason (except for spoiler Mizuki, and then again that because she stubornly wanted to repay him that he got the idea spoiler end well, I think it's not that bad a deal, next to nothing is free in this world, especially with zombies around) when he could just abandon them to their sad fate and resume his life without additional burdens.
That is enough for me not to hate him

And yeah, even though I don't like what he did with her (in the room) I want him to meet Kurase again (or she will be the one to find him and jump o him on the spot )

And the zombie development/evolution!!! I want more about it!!! Damn you cliffhanger!!!

It remind me a bit of Zombie Island, Zombie Nation & Zombie Planet... And of that comic inspired from the walking dead where there is a guy who is immue but is still considered food by the zombies
Spoiler for :

Originally Posted by Breimoon View Post
My brain crashed at the end . What did he do to her in the last ch?Or are you referring to the earlier chs??
I think he's talking about the earlier chapters of the second arc
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