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well, if we talk about the history of HXH. I would say that it is a very incredible story, uses common things of mythologies (an example is the presence of Atlantis among other things) as a base, and this is something that leaves you very satisfied, another key thing are the erotic scenes since increasingly seem to be more hardcore and intense! and are justified erotic scenes, in compared to SMNK, since they always show us the same scenes of Mio and Basara with the other members of his harem, and there are occasions where don't make sense and you become bored which to my makes me think that SMNK should reduce its content of ecchi and take their history seriously, unlike of HXH is taken more seriously its history which allows the reader to be in a state of suspense at the end of each volume, to know what will happen after (that is the case of the v2, v3, v4, v5 and v7) this is good since a time that you start to read HXH not you satisfied until you finish all the volumes.
While SMNK does not cause the same feeling for myself which is a series without much importance in its history.
HxH's pacing is like a Michael bay action film. There's lots of "pew pew" and things seem to happen extremely fast with cliff hangers galore. It's definitely an interesting approach to story telling. I will say that the lewd scenes aren't necessarily on SMNK's level yet, and sometimes they drag on way too long. I don't see the point behind the harem when Aine seems like the only girl in the series to have any true emotional attachment to Kizuna that extends beyond the lewd scenes.

I don't necessarily agree with SMNK having pointless lewd scenes since most of them are actually used for character development and to show how the bonds between Basara and the girls grow. I think the series does a pretty good job balancing it's story along with the lewd scenes. I personally like that there isn't Michael Bay style action every volume, and the author is willing to write volumes that are predominantly slice of life and politics. Most of SMNK's world building happens in volumes 8 and 9. So if you haven't read them then I understand where you are coming from, but the story does get ridiculously better though.
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