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3 pages within 24 hrs... And there's only 1 thing I have to say about it... Skane lives!

But I jest. I haven't forgot about the Bluecheesium.

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Oh she does, only they.... no! no! must not give spoilers!
I see someone else holding their trump in their hands.
Sof: Kha! Explain yourself! Was that you used on Tais... it?!
Kha: Oh whatever do you mean? I only said a few things and he just took off suddenly... And I least expected him to suddenly turn into a pile of flesh. With him and this open season thing...
Sof: Then what about the invisible spear?
Kha: What invisible spear?
Kha: I am? (Inwardly: )
Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
*drool* All... those... lovely... ships...

Keroko would be begging to be able to take those for a spin.

Oh, and 'Zigzactly' hehehe. *ads new word to peronal dictionary*
Well you see what they become... Btw, that word came from Asterix. It's been a long time since I last used it.
Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Psh, Sophia apparently doesn't know that good things take time.

Of course you could do the entire transformation in penguin-space, but I digress...
Well... She couldn't see the beauty of the thing after all. She's blind. That created a very practical, blunt and Spartan personality that is her Tsun side. Of course there's that little bit of dere that drives her nuts.

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
A dream come true, huh? Are you really planning on involving that in the OCNanohaverse Taisen? It would prove useful against the bigger Einsts to be honest.

So Artherion is now officially a sadist?
By the way, Keroko. What are the chances of Deathwing-san ever joining the other three female Aces in an 'Onii-chaaaaaan~!' attempt?
No it was Kha's pet project and hobby coming to a very big head, but in light of future endeavors, this can either be a tremendous coincidence, or like what Kha always says, "the Light knows what's best for us." As crazy as it sounds, it seems to include Super Robot Projects.

And a word to Aurion: I'm sure he doesn't want an Ion Canon charged Onichan Breaker...
Originally Posted by stormturmoil View Post
And while Kha is dragging up the subject of assets

Spoiler for pics involved:

In the meantime, on the outskirts of administrated space

Spoiler for mysterious encounter...:
Looks like some fan schematic for a BSG warship. And the whole thing is more than twice the size of Silvana, close to trice for my up-coming char, Sophia's Oni-chan, and dwarfs most TSAB patrol boats by a good measure. Probably belongs as a heavy support ordinance delivery deployed by the GDI at the Frontier regions.

And what the heck was that about indeed? I don't believe that was Necron after that thing opened its mouth...
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
I don't think I want to know what happens next...

...maybe I do want to know what happens next...

Caro gains +50 points for Emotional Support
Oh nothing much happened. Kha didn't move, but someone turned Tais into a pile of flesh for Keroko to poke. I wonder who...

Fate and Kha: Just as planned!

Ahem. Was I saying something?

Btw it's also a Velka Meister tradition, especially for the Wolkenritter back in the old days, to get their Pages, um, paired so...
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post

Sweet... So the only reason he's piss poor is because he's a spender I guess these are the perks of a Belka Knight
These are just some of Kha's successful experiments. Most of his giant TSAB pay check (his Saint Church one is regretable, and if the Old Velka Radicals are to be believed, its due to Carim squandering Church funds on Cosplay conventions. ) in sunk by legal licenced anime and manga; Erio, Caro and whichever loli and shouta Fate is collecting like stamps; and many many many failed experiments. Building Sakura's Unison Device costed him a year's worth of credits in all; buying and retrofitting (heavily) Canberra and Firehawk (Ok he didn't have to buy Firehawk, but still the recontruction meant that he needed another old fighter for all the spare parts.) took about a year and a half's worth, the log cabin took the last half since prime MC land is EXPENSIVE. (Cursed inflation... Sigh...) And he's been working for Kyla for only 3 years, so it's all gone by StrikerS. And he's saving up for another project...

Kha has savings from his SC pay, its just that that's what gets spent on everyone else, and never himself. Hence why Kha's the only person that Artei would bother to buy meals for, despite his deep pockets.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post

This transformation sequence defies the very boundaries of description for being incredibly OWNING! All it needs now is a good 3-minute Henshin song and it's good to go!

*Plays "Gasshin, God Gravion" *

Seems that Sofia doesn't understand the appeal of a good, long henshin Heretic, you shall be converted soon!

And Sakura wins for revealing the secret to all great Super Robots!
That song sounds great! Appeals to that little boy in Kha.

As for Sophia, its from her blindness and her "Oni-chan" that turned her so realistic. Kha's idealism both annoys and intrigues her...

Sak: I see! No wonder I thought I've seen Sophia somewhere before!
Sof: Ah... (looks dangerous) Where would that be?
Sak: Toh--
Kha: Sakura, return! Silent mode! ()
Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
Anna: not fair! Caro-chan is getting him first! *runs to Hikki & cries* papa, Caro-chan is meanie! She takes Erio from me!
Lutecia: yeah, she takes Erio!
The rest of the lolis: papa, do something!
all of them: onegai!
Hikki: calm down, girls, calm down....!

the rest: *stares at Hikki as he treats the lolis* papa?
Hayate: Hikki really is a good, dedicated father, ne?
Kha: G-job! Finally have someone to share my burden with. ^^;
Fate: Hmm?
Kha: Oh I was talking about finally having someone to share this honored responsibilty with.
Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
alright, here's the profile of Frieda (I bet Aaron will squeal in excitement when he sees this :P )

Spoiler for omg yanmama!:


I don't know what else I should put in there, except for the probable encounter with Signum (whether permits).
Yanmama Osama! ... I certainly hope she doesn't meet Dr. Ishida, otherwise...

But enuff of the Yankee mother jokes. Now we see where the sniping Velka came from, but my guess is that such practitioners tend to get ostracized and looked down on by their brethren (Old Velka guys are reputed to be pain in the asses... Acous is an example of the Sensitive New Ancientvelka Guy). Would make for great interactions with the other surviving Knights with old mindsets IMO.

Originally Posted by Liingo View Post
OMG massive backlog.

I'll reply to those later on but for now here's the latest training exercise with our unfortunate OC Tais...

This continues on from my original post here Invitation to Training

Spoiler for Tais V Spellblades:

Thanks to tshouryuu for letting me borrow Tais and Yui. I hope you approve.

For Clarification, the mini-fic is written in Yui's POV for the most part.

This has also introduced the other members of the squad

Incomplete Character Profile Below:
Spoiler for Valivis:

Spoiler for Tuala:

As you can see I'm still missing their background/personality info as well as many of Valivis's spells but hopefully it'll make the story make a bit more sense
There's no saving the Meatbag of the TSAB... I'm sure Artherion would be delighted. (Sorry I really can't stop the HK-47 refs...)

Talk about specialized. The Spellblades certainly work like a true precision team. Let's have some Time Crisis 4 action!
Originally Posted by tshouryuu View Post
Here is something a little Different

Spoiler for The Director is embarrassing or Tais unit:
I wonder if devices rebel when they discover that they've been forsaken. After all, ever since that CABAL incident involving Skane, it's a little... worrying.

I bet a rampaging tentacle monster is no dream any girl, OR GUY, wants to be caught in...

Originally Posted by Satty View Post
I've just made an old guy antagonist....I dunno what went in my's pretty short, but explains it.

Spoiler for Betrüger:
Sak: So he's still alive... That old Count in the dark clergy's services...
Kha: Uh... Sakura? Are we on the same page here?

Boy as I work my way through this enormous pile of Bluescheesium, various bits here and there seems to be calling me to me... Destiny seems to deem that its time to detonate the crystals and summon the ultimate Haxx0r into this thread...

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
PART V! And it's Reinforce's turn!

Spoiler for Part 5 : Princess:

@Lowe - True about the arguments, but it doesn't change the fact that it's not like Mid-childa doesn't have similar structures for vehicles. So, there may be stuff like Asura, but that BCG is also plausible. It's not like they're going to be the same class ships even in Nanoha-verse anyway.
Never fails to keep it going well. I suppose you've got it all planned out huh? But what's with that space-time flux anyway? Reminds me more and more of CCS, especially with all this talk on Hitsuzen, something that Kha's an avid example too.

Originally Posted by KBTKaiser View Post
Spoiler for Revelations of...SAY WHAT!?!:

This is only part 1. >>; I've got another 2, maybe 3 parts to completely finish this entry up.
Kha: (almost drops the file in shock) You did what to break her?!
Hayate: But now that you know... I must silence you...
Kha: Uh... WHAT?! Hey um... Actually, as wrong as it sounds... I don't mind actually.
Hayate: Oh what's this I hear? I won't be silly enough to do that to you!!! Too flat... Anyway it's in the file for anyone to see, so there's no point to keeping it secret.
Kha: phew...
Hayate: But... If you go so much as to make a big fuss out of it, just remember that I've got several 'hostages' here... (Evil )
Kha: (Imagines Hayate attacking Fate in the bath)
Hayate: (sick face contorts, then bursts out laughing) Oh hahaha...! Your face is just killing me! Hahaha... See you later, Kha-chan!
Kha: Now was she serious or not?! Whatever's the case, Yagami-san might be scarier than it after all...

Boy do I love dropping hints! ^^;
Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
Spoiler for only some are shown here, will reveal more in time:
Not another Sephiroth clone... I had enough of them in FF7 and FF11 Online, where pretty much every male character was Sephiroth. But I jest. This is just waiting to happen really, once you remember Leonheart as you mentioned. I'm glad that it wasn't Gilgamesh too, otherwise when I get to him there'd be Twin Gilgas, just like the Trinity of Sabers...

Originally Posted by Saint X View Post
- The Zakum zakum hour must have 3 presenters...


- first of all, You almsot hit chacha's persona on the mark

- Kyla is not that OOC! she's only slightly like that when she deals with disgruntled grunts... -The '300' scene in the Sil's hangar-

- CC never adresses Kyla as 'Captain', and she only provides advice or ask questions or replies in short sentences.

- too much hardware... one chink and you're done for...
I'm still looking for a third one!!! I told you it was too early, so I went with 'Lucky Channel' style for now.




Well I thought she's have some fun after...

Lindy: Say when you're testing this new weapon, mind if you do me a favor?
Kyla: Hmm?
Kyla: Wh-what?! That's um... so...
Peach: Come on, Kyla-chan! I thought you've stopped being the spoilsport.
Kyla: Tsk... Alright then, just this once. And it's because I know that boy's gonna love it too. His birthday's coming.
Lindy: Aw... You're such a nice Captain...


Leti: Wh-what?! Kyla really did it?!
Lindy: Fu-fu-fu-fu! Pay up, Leti...


Oops. Point taken.

Sakura: Saint X... Or rather... Andrei Antonov... MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!
Kha: As much as you hate his guts please tone down...

Disclaimer: Andrei Antonov is NOT Saint X's real name. Just... erm... I'll leave it to him when he gets down to that char.

Originally Posted by stormturmoil View Post
and for Lowe, the battle was between David and one of the first appearances of a Bone-type Einst (not that David knows that, anymore than he knows what a Necron is...he just knows them as silver skeletons.) He's been plane-hopping around the non-administered worlds lately, skirting STAB administered space...when all of a sudden...

The Einst's initial confusion is that although outwardly human, David's absorption of the Device Micronics and their subsequent reworking of his internal structure means he's indeterminate as far as a scan for being human is concerned. The Einst bucked the decision up to a higher Einst, which decided that since he's still human shaped, he's still included in the blanket removal of the right of humans to exist, hence the announcement

"Gross morphology matches primary characteristics of Target pattern: Right to exist revoked"

The special Hammer attack "Shatter Hammer" is one of a few I've been updating the profile with...
Ah... Water drop, see stone... (Sorry Chinese euphamism...) The truth comes to light...

Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
Oooo, Gillgamesh? This calls in for another character courtesy of yours truly USB500! Coming soon to forum.
OH NO! THERE REALLY IS GOING TO BE TWO!!! God Empress help us...

Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
Disclaimer: sponsors bear no responsibility upon uncanny references to other series that may relate to the said character.

Alright, since I was asked to come up with Guinevere's profile, so here it is.

Spoiler for the same as Lancelot's; short:

As soon as I'm done with both Lancelot's & Guinevere's profiles, I'll have them posted again, just want to clear things regarding Arthur and his legacy take note that they may and will appear in Lyrical of Time fanfic.
Hmm... Yuna? Yuffie? Darn I can't remember... Other than that, it's just looks like... well.. Guinevere. Maybe Shamal? Or another Yanmama?!

Originally Posted by Saint X View Post
-Well honestly... you guys did not get the references of the Silvana, did you?

She's the third and last of the LHM-BB0x series of multi-medium warships.

And the name of the AI should be a dead giveaway of the first ship under the series, the LHM-BB01... This Ship!

- The people who did not get it will now hear the sound of a positron cannon charging...

Kyla: T*nn*****r, FIRE!
Originally Posted by tshouryuu View Post
@Saint X: I like the Archangel better. Any ship that carried that emo sistercon gets minus points in my book
Originally Posted by tshouryuu View Post
I would ask Kha, but it seems like he's more focus on giving Tais his just desserts atm
Well yeah it's in the possession of Gilga-- ahem another char of mine who X is pressuring me to reveal, but I've been holding him back for this guy is not only was once wanted by the TSAB for TIME PARADOX crimes (spot on Lowe, but as much as it looked like Archer... ), but also multiple counts of timeline disruption for his presence in that dimension's major events often causes changes to the future that dimension takes. But people are divided on that for arguably things seem to turn out for the better as compared to when he's not around. I'd like you guys to judge for yourselves, but I've run out of space here.

Hope I've dropped enough hints for now. Till next time! (rides off into the sunset)
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