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Originally Posted by chupiler View Post
I laughed at the thought of Katyusha riding in a Katyusha, then singing Katyusha.
I was going to post just that, but you beat me to it.

More seriously, welcome - with comments like that, you'll fit nicely here.

Originally Posted by Chiaki_chan View Post
yes we know that's why I ask then I think it is a Russian song that in this anime and in this scene really does not mean anything ... I probably twists Pravda is a Russian team and so they sing a song known in Russia, is not it?
Pravda is a Japanese school that takes on Russian characteristics! It's just like Saunders or St. Gloriana or Black Forest. They're all Japanese schools. We probably won't see any non-Japanese characters until the world tournament, and that won't happen this season.

It's also a good excuse for Katyusha's Russian to be less than fluent.
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