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This episode genuinely made me upset, for that:

1. Miho committed a huge mistake for someone in the position of command, by allowing those under her to act blindly when she knew better about the opponent. Those in command must never tolerate wanton waste of war potential, in any shape or form...

2. Miho did not put the gravity of the situation before interpersonal considerations, at a make-or-break junction. Although she wouldn't see loss of life, and might even win the round, she made a horrendous call in allowing her emotions to impede her tactical decision.

3. Miho wasn't given the needed information so that she would prepare for the matter of life and death to Oarai. If Miho knew of what's at stake earlier, her mentality would have had the comfort of adjusting before coming to the battlefield. In short, Miho had no idea to what end Oarai was after, until coming to realization at the worst possible time.
What's funny is that the tactic that Pravda used is the same as what Ooarai used on St.Gloriana and Saunder Lure target x into location Y and ambush it.

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Now, about urban combat. Does Panzerfahren rule prohibit the use of RPG and Molotov Cocktail?
They can't use other weapons.
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