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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Okay, now you've ruined whatever points you might have had.

There are problems with America. But they are nowhere near the issues a country like Iran has. There is no freedom of speech. There is no rule of law. The women are repressed to the point where a girl can be raped and then be found guilty in a court of law for inviting the rape since she wasn't out with a man and had her ankles uncovered.

It's too easy to bash America of this and that because we can do so without getting arrested and tortured because of our opinions. People who do that for the sake of bashing are as stupid as that group of wankers named Anonymous, who should be digging up and hit hard countries like Iran instead of having the usual hard-on against the West. Just for a question of tuition hikes in Quebec, Anonymous showed up while they never showed up to call out on the war in Syria, repression in Iran, famine in country x, and many more things deserving of public attention.

Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
If you want to measure hostile intent, Iran hasn't invaded anyone for hundreds of years. America invades anyone who isn't nuclear armed.
For your information, although no one's a good guy in geopolitics, Iran created A HISTOTICAL FIRST by storming an embassy during what was deemed a time of peace and DE FACTO invading a sovereign territory according to all existing conventions. Flushing out the Shah should have been enough for Iran, but pushing on with the embassy was absolutely stupid and no wonder why Iran doesn't deserve any respect from anybody.

For the record, how would you feel if one of your own embassies was stormed by a bunch of people disregarding all international conventions? If we were not that civilized and self-restraining in the Western world, Japan and Australia, I would be eating popcorn while watching Iranian embassies getting burned to the ground and Iranian diplomats being humiliated in public as a response for 1980.

Seriously, Vallen, you have gone down by several points in my esteem with your comments.

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