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Unfortunately, Iran is a simple thing where you can state a simple position. Did the CIA help overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran, and replace it with the Shah? Yes, but they didn't do it alone. There were plenty of elements within Iran that wanted it. Douche move on our part still? Yes. Iran has the rights to be ticked at us? Hell yes.

However, Iran hasn't exactly shown itself to be a benevolent country since then. With their funding of Hezzabollah and Hamas (both money and arms), they have made life nightmarish for several Middle East countries; not just Israel, but Saudi Arabia, too. There is literally no country in the middle east that likes Iran. They've earned their reputation with douche moves.

So why are nukes important in this scenario? Without friends, Iran (rightly or wrongly) believes the only way to protect themselves is to have nukes. Standard MAD tactics, really. However, such a move would drive many other Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia to get nukes.

Now you have a bunch of extremely religious fundamentalist countries with nukes, whose people believe in the concept of martyrdom and holy war. You just tossed a match into a tinderbox. If you thought the standoff between the US and the USSR was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. At least with the USSR, they weren't fanatical about destroying their enemy. They had a strong sense of self-preservation, and jealously guarded their nukes (well, until the money ran out; it's the USSR didn't lose any of it's nukes).

With the middle east, you have many groups (not just the government) who wouldn't mind setting off a bomb somewhere. And they don't care about their country much. MAD only works if one side is vulnerable because they have a nation state to preserve. Al Quada doesn't. Pakistan almost lost control of some of their military bases to extremists, and the sole reason we support them and give the secular government aid, is so they don't get overrun by the religious nutcases.

The last thing we want to do, is take that situation and multiply it by 10.
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