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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
It depends on if you think you want America to attack Iran to "free the women".

I am no fan of the Iranian government. But any talk of attacking it for WMDs or human rights just don't stand up. Iran justifiably have good reason to think America want them dead. The question is if Americans want to prove them right.

p.s. There are two simple ways America can discourage nuclear weapon proliferation:
1. Stop invading countries who don't have nukes.
2. Start invading countries who do have nukes.
Just pick one. It's easy.
True words.

I think the problem is America never really had an real war on its soil (Pearl Harbor don't count). It has never faced civilians being killed at a mass scale (sorry 9/11, it is peanuts compare to Dresiden, Stalingrad, Nanjing, London, Saigon etc) and its people never really faced horror of war at close range.

Even it is own troops gets written off by the media because they are "volunteers", as if their rights get written off as soon as they sign on the dotted line.

America might be less inclined to go to war if their chronic defeats actually have any lasting impacts on its people.
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