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Originally Posted by Demongod86
Actally I managed to beat berserker with Saber...but with Rider...waah, Rider=SUCKS! Her hits just bounce off almost anyone!

And how in the HELL does the computer do that 27 hitter with Saber? That has GOT to be the most ridiculous combo in the game, especially if you add a combo move on the follow up (her aerial back down back strong I believe)

Also...WTF DOES AVALON EVEN DO?! It doesn't seem to do shit for being worth 6 super meters! I'd rather just spam excalibur or cutting winds!
I've seen someone do 184 combo hits with Saber...

Avalon is a counter attack move. If you're hit while avalon is active, it takes 50thousand of your opponent's hp away.(I know the exact figure because it just killed assassin in 1 hit...and Assassin only have 50k hp.

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