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Originally Posted by LynnieS View Post
I'm just a bit puzzled here by this one bit in the article ... Okay, so the time that is still outstanding is just 48 days out of the original 90? And following after that would be a "voluntary deportation" after which, he may have a hard time returning to the U.S. legally? So for the first, was the extra 1.5 months (after already serving 1.5 months) that painful, and for the second, how would it be worse than his current situation where he couldn't go to any country with an extradition treaty with the U.S.?
Yeah, this part had me confused as well. It was only 48 days. One month and a half wouldn't really have done him a lot of harm and he might have actually had better freedom of movement within other countries with the extradition treaty. He would've been deported from the US, meaining he would've paid for his crime within the boundaries of the country where he carried out the offence. That being said, I doubt any European country would've looked at him the wrong way if he paid the last 48 days. Guess he was an idiot on top of being a coward.
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