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Originally Posted by DmitryEV View Post
Originally Posted by Kogetsu Shirogane View Post
hehehehehe.... hahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!! NOW she's thinking! Get to the sister to get to the Kyon! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
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She always thinking. Have power to change reality, and trying to kill someone only with knife. It looks very strange. She just was playing a role of "evil", waiting when "good" Nagato will "rescue" Kyon.
i don't know why i could imagine a crying Kyon shrieking & screaming like a damsel in distress wreck, begging help from the cops errr... i mean the "S.O.S Rangers"

Kyon: "Mikuru!!, Yuki!! i'm begging you!! please help me!!!"

Itsuki: *does the shounen-ai embrace hug with Kyon*

Kyon: *bitchslaps Itsuki*
"legends said that Alto Saotome made a correct decision, he left both Ranka Lee & Sheryl Nome to marry the skies & proceed to make love with her, it was a long sight to behold according to the witnesses, the sky is now pregnant"
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