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Is there another attempt coming up in the near future to eradicate the contractors?
My impression so far says the answer is "no". I think the entire story about the syndicate and contractors would have settled in the ODA series and S2's theme is something new. In S2, all the contractors are fodders. Hamburger guy, Magician, Water woman, Psycho guy, ... They are just easy come, easy go. And Hei lost his contractor's ability, too. For me, it looks like saying that “we are not talking about contractors anymore!” Instead, dolls come into spotlight of S2: Yin, July, and probably Suou.

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They kept the fetish fanservice down to the minimum, only had to deal with a naked Shota, and had very good characterization of all characters.
In my opinion, revealing July’s naked body is kind of apparatus to make viewers more sympathetic to Suou’s violence rather than a fan-service. If there is a fan-service in this episode, it might be the scene that Mao is hanging around Suou’s skirts, even if it’s nothing.

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moral of the ep, don't mess with July or he will call up friends to kill you
For me, it’s “No mercy for pedo!”
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