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Just to add on what Miles Teg said, Hei received his colorful title, kuro no shinigami prior to borrowing his abilities from his sister. He was already well known among certain quarters for his ability to kill. His sister was the one that had the designation, BK201. After that incident which created the Hell's Gate in Central America, his sister disappears and Hei somehow absorbs her particular powers which is to change the make up of any object (human body, particle accelerator, etc.) at a molecular level when anyone receives that electric jolt. That brings me to another point.

Amber was the one that observed Hei's sister apparently was still within him. Whether it was semantics or not, we do know that the machine used to take away Hei's power is very significant. The last time when the syndicate tried to eradicate every living contractors by blowing up the gate in Japan with that particle accelerator, it was Hei who emitted some sort of power to disrupt the accelerator. If such thing is tried again by the syndicate, the only one who could get in the way was Hei. However, Hei doesn't have his power anymore. So the question is....

Is there another attempt coming up in the near future to eradicate the contractors?

A very good poster pointed out to me that this season makes much more sense if S1 is revisited, especially the Amber arc from the point where they were blowing buildings and such before leading up to the conclusion.

As for this episode, I've enjoyed it the most out of this season thus far..
My fav char in this show. Too bad she's gone.

Anyways, commenting on the new ep, I guess they're going back to the theme that contractors have human feelings too.
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