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Holy crap Luffy burst in there and swiftly proceeded to hand out some STFU pie to the admirals! I hope WB can save his ass next chapter.

Up untill now I had the impression that the WB crew hadn't let out it's "big guns" yet. The marines have been unleashing an onslaught of admirals, shichibukai and pacifista while the pirates fighting against these guys are mostly Luffy's own companions like Jinbei, Iva, Buggy and Croc. I expected that once WB took up arms he would fight Sengoku and have some of his commanders take on the admirals. But now WB is starting to fight and I still don't see who would be capable of taking on the admirals, unless WB is planning to fight Sengoku and the admirals alone.

As it is, the marines are easily holding off the pirates with little effort from the admirals. I don't see how they can win unless another factor gets involved, like Reyleigh, Shanks or Dragon.

And another thing, that was from the "Strong World" chapter, is that Garp should have been promoted to admiral several times even while Sengoku himself was still an admiral. I dunno but to me it seemed like a foreshadowing of Garp's own power. I think he might be almost as strong as Sengoku if not equal. I do expect that he'll be put in the position to choose between Luffy and the Marines.
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