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Originally Posted by DragoZERO View Post
This doesn't just go for fansubbing, even official subtitles are like this. BD has so much more support of subtitles, and no one uses them (six different colors!!).

Translation and localization is too opinionated and there is no standard. It's almost useless to talk about that.

My gripes...
  • Using poor grammar. Run the script through a spell check (like MS Word), it'd catch your mistakes.
  • Adding foul language.
  • Not translating relevant signs, like newspapers & magazines.
  • Not distinguishing subtitles when multiple characters are talking, or if there's a radio or TV in the background.
  • Coloring subtitles for each character based on their hair color.
  • Adding the episode title in fancy font to the beginning of the episode when it isn't shown until the end.
  • Adding the episode title to the file name.
And on poor grammar. Remember, using the wrong word spelled correctly is still wrong.
Examples of atrocities:
"form" instead of "from", "there" for "their", "they're" for "their", "freight" for "fright", and the worst offender "then" for "than".
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