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Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post
On Hitei-Hime, i think it's just that she's actually very similar to Togame in nature, if not exactly the same type of person. It's just that Togame's childhood was ruined by her own quest to revenge until the last minute, while Hitei simply just wanted to mess up the entire plan of her ancestor.

In another word:
- Togame: has cold personality (cross-eye)as she want revenge (A) -> act cute during the entire anime so she can exploit her own emotion to "trick" her self and Shichika (B)
- Hiteihime: originally have cute personality (B) -> act cold to rid off her emotion during the entire anime so she can mess up the ending of her ancestor plan (A)
Well how did she wanted to mess up their plan? To me it seemed like she didn't care either way if it succeeded or not, but her aim was to make it succeed. I mean she wasn't diehard about it, but still she said she had hoped to kill the shogun in power because that was part of shiki's plan. In shiki's plan shogun shouldn't have been in power at all.

But still her plan( and her ancestors plan) ultimately failed because shogun's son still took the power. I mean they were trying to falsify history to avoid the possible destruction.

P.S. Also why was Togame gathering the swords? Was it to overthrow to shogun or was it to just take the power by being the shogun's righthand ( well it works as revenge too i guess in a way). Then If that was the case wouldn't togame being

If she had taken power ( actually even if her dad had taken power) then Kiki's plan would have came true right? Since they wanted to defeat shogun. Also isn't that ironic how Togame's father was trying to fix history but by succeeding he would have actually helped kiki's plans to come true ?
Correct me if i am wrong. A good but confusing ending . I might have it all wrong about the ending though .

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