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Originally Posted by luffyDking View Post
Is there even a new gundam anime besides unicorn being created? Just wondering .

Fukuda your wife better get back to it.
They should just hire a new writer who won't kowtow to Sunrise execs, and demote Morosawa to a consultant role. How would she take it?

Originally Posted by luffyDking View Post
i want more seed.... even though I am a old school gundam UCer. I mean seed was a homage to UC. People seem to forget that, it did it sucessfully the new age of gundam.
Which is true, but SEED/SSEED Destiny also riffed on G, Wing, X, and Turn A, and Fukuda/Morosawa's other works, including Cyber Formula (notice how one of the openings to Destiny is a reference to one of Cyber Formula GPX's openings).
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