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Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post
These are the best bars.

I don't actually go to bars anymore because my retarded state thinks they're smart and banned smoking in bars. WTF California? The purpose of a bar is to drink, smoke and listen to bad bands play!

Booze and tobacco go together like peanut butter and chocolate for fuck's sake!
If you're a non-smoker (IE most of the population) those laws are a godsend. I used to suffocate on entering a pub. There was always a layer of haze from head height up. It was awful. Now smokers, they love the smell of smoke. The rest of us hate it.

I don't really care about the health effects. I just like the fact that the air is clear now. I used to not be able to see the roofs...

Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post
Pretty sure the nanograms of diluted cigarette smoke one might inhale by standing next to smokers outside is far less harmful than breathing in the exhaust of thousands of cars every day, over and over.

I'm not going to argue against the issues second-hand smoke can cause children or those with health concerns when the smoke is heavy and in a poorly-ventilated area (i.e. stupid parents smoking inside around their kids).

I don't know if I was doomed from the start, since my parents both smoked indoors and never avoided me when I was young... and I started smoking when I was in my teens. Dumbest thing I ever did, but no matter how many times I've tried to quit I can't seem to do it.
Got to kick the habit. Makes you look 10 years older. When you hit 40 your voice sounds like a vaccuum cleaner, and your teeth look like you came off the set of Pirates of the Carribean. That's not even getting into the health risks.

You also stink. Sorry to say it, but it's true. Smokers stink.

It also costs how much per day?

Also smokers absolutely hate me. I love to tell the young dudes standing on the corner all about how they're probably going to be impotent by the time they hit 40 . (Their response: "What's impotence?")

Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post
Female BO just doesn't smell as bad to me as the stink of unwashed hairy man, though this might be because living in the Bay Area, I constantly run into dirty hobos who smell like concentrated BO essence. *facepalm*
I like my manly body odour. The really weird thing though is that I smell just like my dad. It was pretty weird when I first realised it. What next, am I going to start telling kids to get off the lawn?
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