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So Archon_Wing and I were actually talking about watching this together, but I have one slight hang up. I just found out that this was originally written by Nisio Isin, and in every experience I've ever had with the guy he seems incapable of writing a female lead that doesn't come across as a Mary Sue (i.e Medaka Box). In fact even just reading up wiki articles on what he's done that I have no experience with every single female lead character comes across as one. Heck, even the way Togame's character description is written as a cheery proud tactical master at a young age has me thinking, "here we go again". It doesn't help that it sounds like the male lead and her have some sort of master/slave relationship going on.

I'm wondering if anybody can tell me if the female lead from this one is also a Mary Sue and be honest and blunt please cause I really need too sort this out before I decide to go ahead with it or not.

And yes before people asked I have been reading the TV Tropes page on Mary Sues ever since my one post in the Break Blade thread.
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