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Yep. Only it's actually the other way around.
The fact that you could survive the "accident" in Kuwarodian actually hints that the "accident" had a radius of destruction.
Technically if you count all of ep1-4 it's sort of foreshadowed, in that we know the radius of the bomb and Ange testifies that Kuwadorian still exists, so it's retroactively possible to understand that there is a safe haven.

Note that there is also the fact that Rosa knows Kuwadorian exists and roughly where it is, yet she still believed it possible to just run, and she wasn't even running in the right direction. This would seem to suggest she didn't accurately know the extent of the threat, which in turn would posit she didn't solve the epitaph or if she did, nobody appeared to tell her everything. More likely she didn't (or was cutting a deal for the answer to make it look like she did) and was working as an accomplice.
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