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Originally Posted by NoSanninWa View Post
$50 and you don't even get a dub track? That will keep sola from achieving as much popularity in our country as it should have.

That sucks.

sola deserves better than this.
I get what you're saying, and might agree if you have said "as much sales", but "popularity"? This is just me, but I don't think any anime that doesn't air on TV will ever be more popular during its DVD release than it was in its fansub days. In this day and age, given the shrinking DVD market, I seriously question how many customers there are who will buy anime sight-unseen, even at $25-30/disc and with a dub. Granted, though -- these marketing decisions certainly limit the show's sales potential, since a lot of people, on principle even, seem to be ignoring these high-priced releases. Really, the only people who seem okay with this scheme are people like myself who purchase R2 Japanese DVDs, or at least willing to consider that option. If you're in that admittably tiny group, this doesn't seem like that bad a deal (since you're basically getting the R2 DVDs, with subs, for cheaper).

In any event... limiting its sales, absolutely. But I don't think a show like this was ever destined for any real "popularity" much beyond what it already has/had. If it doesn't air on Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, or some other American linear TV station, I don't see it having that great of an appeal anyway. Not necessarily an "excuse", but just a thought.
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