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The sad thing is they ask you to pay a premium price(50$) but what you get is a (bit better than) regular version of R2 which I believe that it was the same price about 50$, base on the their press release.
Yeah, the Regular Editions in Japan were about $55, and the English release is sort of like half-way in between the regular and limited editions in terms of extras. So I don't really regret buying the R2s, but this doesn't seem like that bad of an alternative (plus, of course, subtitles).

And really, the comments in the industry these days are that anime licensors are licensing anime for as little as 0 advance (just a portion of each disc sold). With the DVD market being down the way it is, Bandai Visual probably figures that they won't be that much worse off just selling it themselves and keeping whatever profits they make. I guess it's more a sad statement on the current state of the anime DVD market than anything else.
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