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Originally Posted by Cococokie View Post
I watched vk until ep 5. And Vampire knight is BORING as hell!! I can't understand what the anime is really about, i think i saw the rating for Manga say it should be quite good. The anime is all talk and talk, anyone had the same feeling?
first off you want action go elsewhere
2nd off you do not understand deep rooted emotions and emotional trauma...go else where.

The vampires are tramzied emotionally at last by human standards that and there is stress int his environment and thats before the angst and emoness.

its a interesting way to "observe" human psyche(anything thats sentianit can be considered human since "human" can mean many of thing).

Also Kaname's situation is interesting, his infatuation with Yuki is nicely handled I wonder if he has the guts to not bite her while not the more typical vamp lord cute human "infatuation" he is very much drawn other and the crux of the problem is pure bloods turn humans they bite into slaves.

While its not the best of fiction looking at any one part the fiction builds ont he characters builds on the story and setting, I would only call this medicore if you do not understand the grene, its like calling Bokurano a dumb mech show(ok so VK is not that good but its a decent Gothic drama).
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