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If you feel that you'd rather extend your life as long as possible, then that's your philosophy and of course euthanasia goes counter to that. If you'd rather live out your last days in peace, it doesn't indicate that you're a supporter of euthanasia, but you might be open to it.
No, actually, that's not my point.
Spoiler for if you hate religion, this is not for you:

As far as the suffering it would place on a family, I have mixed feelings about that. I am sickened by families that view an elder member as little more than a trophy - they do not seem to care about how much suffering this person goes through or what their wishes really are, so long as they are alive.
That's true, I've seen that too. They throw their old man/woman into a nursing home... and leave them there.

if a doctor is not comfortable with performing euthanasia, then they should not be obligated to do it. As far as I know, most hospitals/laws allow for doctors to pass on the duty if it goes against their beliefs or makes them uncomfortable.
But some doctors don't feel comfortable turning down a request like that, especially in Japan, as it is regarded as a lack of respect for the patient, if the doctor does so. This is another dilemma.

Maybe this is where East Asia and the West differ - respect plays an important aspect in life. It's a Confucian thing, really. With 1/4-Japanese background, I can understand. (and this 1/4 actually dictates my surname, since it's my grandfather on my father's side which has the Japanese line - the rest are either German or Brit)
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