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Originally Posted by KiNA View Post
People do change over time.. Maybe not drastically, but changed nonetheless. For good or worse, that a discussion all by itself.
Times change. Environments change. People, they don’t change. You don’t exactly grow a third eye or third nipple no matter how much time passes (metaphorically speaking). Some people like those who act on fears, or are very sensitive to their environment, will appear to change. But, they are not, you just simply never knew them well enough to start with. (If you’re gonna tell me you’re emo I’m gonna slap you.) People are not objects, you can’t just take parts out, nor put parts in. Of course, certain things expire, but those can’t be considered character traits. Say you’re a hardcore player of some RPG game. Once it’s completed 100% (all routes explored, blah-blah) you obviously don’t have much choice, it’s done. Does that mean now that you aren’t a hardcore gamer of that particular title you’ve changed? No. If time were to rewind or you would forget the game (amnesia) your current self would still play the game just as before. Transient things don’t reflect a change in the person, they reflect a change in the times.

Now then, you’re saying you’ve changed. Is that why you (still) have a avatar of your so called “waifus.” Or why you made signatures of voice actos? Or why you follow the same shows you always follow? And, how do you explain your current project? That’s plenty of evidance you haven’t changed, and the times haven’t changed much either.

You’ve watched the show Mai HiME/Otome right? In those shows characters carry over from one series to the other. So does Natsuki change? Are there two distinct characters there? Or is it how I say, only the background changed, and Natsuki stayed the same?

Unless you can show me solid evidence that proves you’ve changed, I'm not buying into ganbaru’s argument. Until then, look forward, and be proud of yourself!
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