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So I guess subtitles can make something *slightly* better.

Infinity/10 why not. Best episode I have ever seen of any anime. This was better than what I was expecting. Maybe 12.5 hours of sleep helped me enjoy this as well.

Anyway, all three of my favorite scenes: Touma getting up, Touma punching out Accelerator, and Mikoto talking to Touma on the bridge were done perfectly. The first 2 scenes were about Touma and the last scene was mainly about Mikoto for me in terms of why I liked them so much.

The music this episode was fantastic (I finally listened to it 10 times louder than the first time I had seen it). The storyline was beautiful. The flashback with Accelerator was excellently done.

I saw Index there that one time. I really like the faces they are giving the characters when they are telling something funny or abashedly. Touma's face looked just like MISAKA 9981's face when he was saying his "roommate" got more violent with each passing day.

Also, Mikoto actually said out loud or thought out loud that it was because Touma talked to the clones and treated them like humans that they changed. I'm so happy.
Spoiler for comparison to manga:
but I noticed it anyway and thought this was the reason they made the talk scene so long here. I am happy I was right.

J.C. staff put in a concerted effort to really make this season excellent.

This just makes me happy for noticing this and for being able to enjoy this. I can't wait for the rest of the remaining season. I see that Mikoto's friends and Frenda are back. I am curious what Frenda's role is though with the study group. Anyway, I guess the cookies scene is next episode and we get to see the new amazing opening and ending. The new opening theme sounds amazing from the part of it that I had heard. There was a 10 second clip of the new opening theme actually at the original concert when Fripside first performed Sisters Noise (it was at the end of the song recording), but I couldn't find the song anywhere. I'm so happy that was the next episode opening because the song had sounded so good that I hoped it was used as music as some point (well lucky me).

This episode finished a great arc which I argue is still not entirely complete. They said the sisters arc was finished yes, but the aftereffects and the curiosity of her friends about the cookies still hasn't been addressed so I would like to see those happen and finish within this 24 episode season before I make any overall comments on the arc.

This was fabulous and boy were my low expectations shattered. This episode was beautiful. Touma, Accelerator, Mikoto, and #10032 are all great characters.

I think that Accelerator with the flashback finally showed just exactly what he was thinking when he had done all of this. No one says he isn't blameless for what he did, but as we saw he finally really realized what he had done was wrong.
Spoiler for comparison to Index I:
so it is nice to see this side of events as well. I feel like this really complements what we saw in the Index version, but of course happens to be a better version produced 5 years later

Overall, this arc was extremely well done with amazing music this episode, and amazing lack of music. I am deeply satisfied with this. Thank God for Team Railgun

I have to say I actually prefer this to Shijeki No Kyoujin. SNK has an amazing storyline. But it's not the outright storyline that makes this so good. It is everything you have to look for after watching an episode 6 times that makes it a true masterpiece and not just amazing action and a storyline with cool scenes and excellent music.

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