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Not every problem can be handled on your own. To have someone that can share that burden, trust, and reliance is very important to psychological stability. Unfortunately she can't turn to Tatsuki about this, as she's clueless (more or less) about the "other world". Having a friend who you can turn to is great, but its doubly great if its your lover. As there are things he/she can do that a friend cannot.
The support of friendS is enough. Not as great as from lover but guess what?
Ishida likes her and has supported her through Soul Society. Rukia may not love Orihime and be her lover but she can support her.
Five friends are enough to have support from.
Orihime has no support is not true.

Is Memories in the Rain and even then Orihime knows more of what happend to Ichigo then Rukia does. She even realizes she was going to far in pushing the issue part way through and any closeness gained by Memories in the Rain is based on the fact that Rukia also blamed herself for the death of someone she cared about, which up until acidwires death the same can be said for Orihime. It's a running theam among the leads. It's just that Orihime's was resoved first.
Ichigo gave Orihime a FAKE smile and told Rukia the truth.
Even if Hime knows more, that's because Tatsuki told her. How does that make Ichigo and Orihime bond different, I've no idea.
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