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Originally Posted by Endrance View Post
Im gonna disagree with you on that one. When her powers awakened she barely had much contact with him besides in school and it wasnt love that awakened her powers because they werent actualy close friends at that point she was a girl that was friends with tatsuki. it was simply ichigo's overflowing reiatsu. Before she let her feelings known so to speak she was alot more confident in herself and actually did fight but after her feelings for ichigo developed she only got weaker and her confidence went down even more. She was always focusing more on ichigo than herself which is why i still say That having feelings for him is only making her weak.
I see that you misread FF's post, and completely disregarded mine... I'm ashamed to say this to someone with a great Mizore avatar but, I'm disappointed.

Also, Kubo has been extremely vague about how Inoue got her powers, beyond Ichigo being responsible for awakening.

I'll do you a little favor and clarify alittle on what FF was talking about. Go back and re-read when Kenpachi and the pinkhaired munchkin came to Ichigo's and Inoue's rescue against Espada 5.
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