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Originally Posted by Amy corE View Post
She had become weaker mentally. She is not the same ol' Orihime anymore. That Orihime would've believed in her friends and would have not gone all the way with Mr. Schiffer. But Mr. Schiffer is a charmer...
Inoue became stronger after training with Rukia. Right now her rejecting abilities are definitely stronger than Hachigen's. She could reject Grimmjow's and Ulquiorra's reiatsu when Hachi didn't even do a half of the job.
Inoue's wish was to become stronger and fight by Ichigo's side, not stand behind him. She is stronger now but she is not a fighter and will never be. Kurosaki-kun's presense doesn't do any good to her either. When he is in danger she can't encourage him properly nor can she help him/protect him (healing aside).
She stood behind him for the whole HM-arc.
I don't think Kubo will bless her with amaizing fighting skills anytime soon or should I say...ever. Her character's development is different from other Bleach's characters'.
Well, I'm waiting for Kubo to finally give birth to that development.
But I'm more concerned about Ichigo, though... He needs new moves... or an extended (read: exposed) version of his bankai coat.

Jeez. The same way as Chad did.
Her "fairy" personality + the radioactive Ichigo = Inoue the Great Cheat-Machine of Bleach.
She is not more unique than Chad. If she is than Chad should be a son of an arrancar and a poor mexican woman.
Guess what cupcakes, Inoue's strength isn't based on training. Its based on her self-confidence. Her powers exist, and they are beyond powerful, its her own will is what determines how strong she is. She can train till she poops herself (machoman randy savage joke), and it won't mean jack.

And another thing, why blow what I said out of proportion? I just said, we don't know anything beyond Ichigo being responsible for her awakened powers.

Sorry to disappoint you, but Inoue is in fact the most unique character in Bleach.
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