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It's not that Senjougahara is too good for him--to the contrary, despite her 2D wetdream looks, marks, athletic ability (yeah, stationary wielding counts as that too), she is an emotionally stunted girl, and probably only worth the time of somebody desperate. My issue is, rather, despite Koyomi's supposed 'kindness' or altruism being the foundation, the fact that this story is about a precisely desperate relationship anyway. It's just kinda ugly to watch: all that threatening, ridiculous teasing, and bullshit violence--and for what? Only 'cause Senjougahara wants to make sure Araragi stays with her, and Araragi wants to get laid.
That's an interesting take on their relationship.

However I tend to disagree - at least within the realm of Anime-Relationships. You have to appreciate that both are very clear and serious about their intentions. For one despite probing Araragi with her ridiculous teasing about his being a virgin, his 'perversions' and how he relates to other girls (think Hanekawa) Hitagi states the reasons for her behaviour afterwards. Which is refreshening.

I'll give that Araragi isn't very much in control how the relationship develops, his reaction to Hitagi's affection were mostly surprise - however he's not giving himself up in the process (although the references to being the submissive part in a boys love romance ... well ).

As for Hitagi being emotionally stunted - well as far as I can see she has problems with openly showing her emotions in fear of being hurt (again) - and luckily for her Araragi at least doesn't get hurt by her superficial banter and instead sticks with her long enough that she can become more serious.

...uhm long post. Well I very much enjoy the series. Also: death to all super-shy girlish anime characters for the sake of prolonging the drama.
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