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Seeing as how these are designed to be viewed on your computer, I doubt anyone will do anything. If it does bother you, get virtualdub and place some border around the video, recode it and then burn it.

In other words, please take consideration on what the audience will watch anime in the future.
Unfortunatly I think the vast majority of people use their computer. It's far more universal than a DivX player (which also by chance might not play XVID videos properly which is what many fansubbers are using). If you want to watch on TV, either a) recode the videos yourself, b) get a TV out adaptor or c) wait for the official DVDs to appear and go buy them.

And again, most groups I've seen are using XVID. And there as far as I know, no players that can officially play xvid 100% (just those that claim they can).
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