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Well, obviously many of you don't live in countries with subtitled foreign TV shows, like Portugal or Holland. And in those shows, the subtitlers often place the subtitles a bit higher than normal.
And remember: they're professionals.
This may sound bad, but let's look at it another perspective:

Many people complain that high subtitles can bother the visualization of the main scene (somewhere towards the middle of the screen). This is true, of course.
But what about "eye-shifting"? (With this I mean the how long the eyes of the viewer must divert from the central scene to the "bottomed" subtitles.) The more the subtitles are placed on the bottom, the harder and tiring will be to follow the show. You know... "watch center screen, divert to bottom, divert again to center".
This effect is enhanced even more when the subtitles are just too quick to read, like unfortunately most fansubbers usually do (when the subtitles' timing is EXACTLY THE SAME as the dialog timing).

I personnaly prefer the subtitles a bit higher than a bit lower. After all, I also have a divx player and sometimes have the same problem with my standard TV.

But somehow many of you are getting either offended or bothered with the suggestion made firstly by RyuHayabusa and then by other users afterwards. Others are replying in a hostile way. And I don't see the reason for it.
Let's not forget that what RyuHayabusa stated was merely a SUGGESTION. No one is trying to force anything on anyone. It's just an opinion.
This isn't a "must do / must change" thread. But if no one speaks, then nothing will be done (in the case of the fansubbers that aren't aware of this or didn't place the subtitles on the bottom on purpose, of course). But the final decision is their's, and no one else can change it.
I know I'm not a moderator, but I'm seeing too many "flames" here, and it doesn't exactly give a "good mood" to the thread.
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