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Originally Posted by Justice Knight View Post
before i start watching ,is this a sequel or what? I have never watch the previous E7 series before.
It's listed as a sequel, but at the moment, your guess is as good as die-hard fans as to where this will actually sit. But you won't get the subtle visual references without a knowledge of the first series. I don't think you'll miss anything, at least through episode 1.

As for the first episode, it's nice that Dai Sato is back for this. Though I'm not sure why he went for a pen name for this. My guess is there will be some specific meaning behind it. Like all of his character names. If it this somehow isn't Sato's work, someone is doing a very good job mimicking him. These characters feel like they jump right out of Eureka 7. (Which I was watching today in anticipation, haha)
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